Fairfield, 2017

The first official photoshoot organised under the name 'HB Archive' and taken by the Merri Creek during winter, August 2017.
I'd found Clare Reitzenstein (fka ARCA), jeweller and artist Billy Clare's label  beautiful raw work with recycled silver online and commissioned her to create a hair clasp, similar to shapes I'd seen with her earrings. We traded garments for jewellery.
Shoes worn are Half Measures and had been an inspiration to me for some time.
The Essential Oil Pouch was a collaboration between HB Archive and Reality Is With Bethany.
Beth and I wanted to create a functional toiletry bag, with separate compartments to hold ten essential oil pouches and everything else in between. Made with HB Organic Cotton Canvas, and Fair Trade Linen.
Imagery by Caity Jakeman on 35mm film, Worn by Caitlyn Lesuik.
HB Archive pieces featured are the Tie Neck Blouse variation, Cross Back DressChore Coat and Chore Pants, Strap Overall.
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