Packing List for cold and warm holidays

After a stationary few years, it seems people are catching up on lost time and heading away more than ever. Whether you're packing your bags for a trip to a distant country, or a stay-cation viewing your city through a different lens, you might find the packing guides listed below helpful
. Find cross overs of trans-seasonal pieces along the way!


One or two cotton jersey singlets
Short sleeved T-shirts 
x 2 (one in black and white)
Long sleeved T-shirt
Merino Raglan Skivvy
Poet Shirt 
Jumper - doubles as a scarf / blanket on a plane or bus
Daise Dress
Para Shorts
Jimmy Pants or Harvey Pants in black - depending on temp
One fun thing - a coloured top, or checked pants
Vessel Cap
Garden Hat
HL socks - can wear with the PSS sandals if it’s a little cold at night.
Always Pouch
Market Bag - To use as 'handbag' on the plane
Runners or sneakers
PSS Sandals
A pair of fun earrings or a necklace to help feel dressed up
Merino skivvy
Merino singlet
Cotton T shirt
Merino jumper
Hoodie - for sleeping and to be cozy at home
Trench coat
Jimmy Pant
Leggings - for lounging, can wear under pants, sleep in
Merino socks
Vessel cap - for rain and to keep my head warm
Reso bag
Market bag
Mule slides - use as slippers inside too
Really big scarf that doubles up as a blanket ;)



As always, I prefer natural fibres like cotton and linen for warm weather, and wool like merino for cooler weather. Seersucker is a great fabric to travel with as it’s already textured so you don’t need to worry about stuffing it into your bag so much. Just unpack and hang your garments over a chair or rail when you get to the next place. If you take a hot shower hang your pieces in the bathroom so the steam helps the fold creases to drop out.
My colour palettes when dressing in life tend to be pretty neutral generally, but this especially rings true when I am travelling. I pack a lot of black, as it helps me feel chic, quick smart, it pairs back with itself and doesn’t show up as many stains. A spot clean can usually suffice without having to hunt down a laundromat.  Keeping an overall neutral theme throughout will ensure all items will work back with each other, although as written in my list I like to bring a coloured accessory like a cap, bag, necklace or socks in case I want to feel more fun. 

Last time in Europe I carried a natural shampoo bar around with me and ended up washing my merino socks and skivvies in the hostel sink every week or so. Hygiene when travelling can get a lil sketchy at times, maybe wearing socks for a couple more days then usual. Overall wearing natural fibres helps to regulate the body's temperature and reduce smelling.
Garment Details:
With HB garments like the Daise Vest, Raglan Skivvy and Poet Shirt I’ve purposefully pattern made armholes and sleeves at underarms to sit low and away from the body keeping it breezy, again, meaning more wears between washes. Jimmys and Paras are both elasticised at the waist, and the CBS is adjustable so you can eat allllll the pasta you want in Rome and not worry about your pants feeling too tight.

All products are made in complimentary shapes and silhouettes, fabrics and colours to pair back with one another for multiple hemispheres, seasons and occasions.

See more ways to wear your HB pieces for vaycay here.

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