HB Archive is a curation of carefully considered and created garments. It holds the intention to create a well fitting, sustainable and trans-seasonal wardrobe not influenced by current trends.
The website holds a library of clothing and accessories made to order, with a special focus on natural fibres.

The Archive is made up of pieces that act as building blocks to obtain a capsule wardrobe.
With more products being added slowly, including the ‘Limit’ series which includes limited edition end of run designer fabrics, or style variations to Archive pieces.

Everything is predominantly made to order and all designed, created and sewn, wrapped and posted by Holly in her Fitzroy, Melbourne studio.
Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for your order to be made and posted.

The studio is open via appointment for custom garments, sizing or questions please contact here.
HB Archive is currently stocked at selected stores, see here.

 Thank you for supporting our local clothing industry.