HB pieces are designed to last. With an aim to create high quality garments that won't harm the environment, the wearer or the people involved within the pre and post production process. 
Natural fibres such as linen and cotton are chosen and sourced fair trade, certified GOTs organic where possible. Alternatively some fabrics may be designer surplus and end of run rolls.

~ Fabrics within HB Archive

Cotton Canvas
100% Cotton
Available in Natural and Black
GOTs Certified Organic, and Fair Trade certified
Origin: India
Cold hand wash recommended
Please Note: This fabric has not been pre washed, slight shrinkage may occur.
A lovely durable mid weight canvas used for Chore Jacket, Chore Pant, and Market Bag. Will soften with wear.

100% Linen
Available in Cream, Black and Caramel
Fair trade certified
Origin: China
Cold hand wash recommended
A beautiful fabric that softens with age and wear. Can be worn straight from the wash crinkled or pressed if desired. Used for tops.

~ Within HB Limit

Special edition and small releases of dead stock garments will be available to order.
Garments created may have additional or alternative garment details, and are adapted from pieces within the Archive. 

Blue Gingham Cotton
100% Cotton
Cold hand wash recommended
Sourced designer surplus
Origin: unknown
Used for Dot Bag.

Rust Cotton Twill
100% Cotton
Cold hand wash recommended
Sourced designer surplus
Origin: unknown
This fabric has a soft, almost brushed handle.
Used for Rust Chore Jacket and Pant.

~ How to care:

Love your clothes!
Wear often. Wash only when really dirty, otherwise spot clean or air out.
Cold hand wash, do not tumble dry.
If needed; mending can add personal nice details to HB pieces, try a contrast thread or fabric. 
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Image by Chelsea King