July 2019, Fitzroy

We'd been wanting to do a film shoot together for a while. Lincoln and Chelsea I'd met through music, and Sam I've known growing up. I've always been fascinated by musicians and their ability to look totally at home on stage. How they move with their instrument, chat to the audience. Seeing my friends so powerful and calm in front of so many people is pretty incredible.

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May 2018, Collingwood

A photoshoot organised in my last home in Collingwood. Working with Caity Jakeman again to capture the beauty and candids between Zac's digital shots seen on product pages.

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August 2017, Fairfield

Taken by the Merri Creek during winter, 2017.Seen by Caity Jakeman on 35mm film, Worn by Caitlyn Lesuik.The first official photoshoot organised under the name 'HB Archive'.

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