Pre Order System

HB Archive currently follows a Pre Order business model.

How it works -
On the first of every month, the website will open with a special focus on certain products in featured colours, fabrics and details. The Pre Order runs for two weeks, or until making quantities are exhausted. Numbers online will then be taken back to zero, beginning again the following month.

With majority of pieces being made by Holly in her Collingwood studio, Pre Orders help to streamline processes, working in batches instead of one garment at a time. This creates more time for catching up and planning, sampling new pieces, fulfilling stockist orders, and photoshoots.  

Pre Order items are made just for you and can be expected within 4-8 weeks from purchase date. Timing will depend on Holly's sewing schedule. You will receive an email once it has been shipped.

There will always be a small selection of garments and Neither Products that are available and ready online. These are usually made up in batches, sometimes with the help from friends. You can find pieces that are available now here.

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