Tips for looking after wool :)

There's a few things to consider when owning, and caring for woollen skivvies, jumpers and socks. The best part is, they rarely smell, so you don't really need to wash them as often as your other undergarments.

When it does seem like it's time for a freshen up, as wool is a protein fibre these pieces should be washed with a special wool detergent and ideally by hand. Your new pieces shouldn’t shrink at all if you follow the care label's instructions correctly.

While wet, I like to gently pull my tops back into shape and dry them flat on a clothes horse near the heater. Usually I’ll put them out overnight, and then rotate them so the other side faces up in the morning. If it’s a nice day, outside is great but make sure to bring them inside before it gets dark and cold.

Sometimes whether you spy them or not, moths can find their way to your beloved wool pieces and have a little snack. This may not be noticeable until it has been washed.
I’m going to put it out there that I’m not their biggest fan. whether they are eating my clothes or just trying to fly into my face when I’m sleeping. I’d also like to thank my friends and housemates over the years for saving me from them, not teasing me too much (and also I guess saving the moths from the vacuum cleaner.)

- Taken from the June 2022, Part 2 Newsletter, read in full here. :)

Images by Zoe, of Mara.
Featured is the Merino Raglan Skivvy in Caramel.
Mara is wearing her skivvy in Choc and Zoe's LIMIT Poet Shirt in A1.

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