Napier St, 2019

We'd been wanting to do a film shoot together for a while. Lincoln and Chelsea I'd met through music, and Sam I'd known growing up.

I've always been fascinated by musicians and their ability to look totally at home on stage. How they move with their instrument, chat to the audience. Seeing my friends so powerful yet calm in front of so many people is pretty incredible.

Chelsea works in a similar way. She can quickly capture that raw energy of the musicians without the audience or band even noticing. 

I always love to connect different art forms, and this shoot turned out to be no exception.
We originally planned to have the boys all in black, and shoot in the snow, then a winter beach shoot but the weather didn't agree. Instead we shot in my friend Brodie's home, the warmest in Melbourne.

Brodie; A queen of all trades, had a spare room set up as a painting studio, the light was perfect, and on the wall was a painting she was creating for the HB Archive business card.

We ate and chatted for a while, then we shot. I wanted the boys to look as at home as they would on stage, so styled them in their own jeans, with the jewellery and shoes they were wearing.
Sam wore a Twilight t-shirt underneath his jacket.

After, we got a bottle of wine and spent the afternoon sitting around my table listening to Chelsea's favourite songs.


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