Pocket Conversations 1.3 – Holly with Sasha, Bianca, and Ethan

HB: What do you think is your most worn thing in the last two weeks since we’ve been here? Or the most versatile piece of clothing that you’ve brought with you in the end?

BP: I’ve either been wearing my big dress, or my Sal’s

HB: Your post sole shoes have been pretty -

BP: Well they’ve been [good for] the cool weather. I’ve been less scared to wear them than I have my sneakers

HB: They withstand the water

SA: I’ve worn the same outfit every single day. I’ve worn a Kloke singlet, Poet Shirt, either my Handsom shorts or your Para Shorts.

HB: Did you bring jeans?

SA: I did but I didn’t wear them

HB: Oh that’s so good

SA: I just didn’t find them comfy. I usually wear them all the time. At work I do, but for some reason I really didn’t wanna wear jeans

HB: That’s so fair. We were sitting a lot

EW: I just can’t think about anything because all I can think about is hot

*** More talk about the air bnb, ocean, Ethan’s sunburn***

Thank you Sasha for the photos from the past three Pocket Conversations. 

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