Although winter has truly settled in here in Melbourne, I still spend a lot of my time walking outside in parks, heading to the studio, to yoga, work, back home. It’s not always warm and cozy where I spend my day and over the years I’ve discovered some little tricks that help get me through.

I’ve learnt that overlapping the gaps where one garment ends and another begins is incredible for keeping warmth in. Here’s some wardrobe recipes you may find helpful:

Beginning with the top half of the body
Cotton Singlet + Merino Skivvy + Woollen Jumper + Woollen Coat
Most days I wear 4 layers on the top half. My base singlet is usually cotton, then I aim for 100% wool with my other layers.
The natural oils within the wool helps from smelling and getting dirty. Meaning you don’t have to wash as often, just shake off hair, crumbs and dust after wearing then air out before putting away. Little shout out to Anna of Francie Knits for making incredible knitted jumpers in Melbourne, and for being my friend <3
I’m pretty fussy with the coats that I choose. I like the lining to be a silk, the pocket bags to be practical in their positioning, big and made of cotton, and the length to be below my knees.
I also have a pretty hardcore raincoat I love, if you’re not the biggest fan of umbrellas.
+ Scarf + Beanie / Hat.
I like to use a wide scarf which can double up as a hood when it’s raining. It helps keep the top of your head and ears warm and you can wrap it around your neck and shoulders for good measure. Sometimes if it’s still dry I bring it into my yoga class as a prop and use on long plane trips and bus rides as a blanket for travelling.

Now for the bottom half.
Cotton Leggings + Wool or Cotton Pants + Long Merino Socks + Enclosed Shoes
Depending on where I am and what I’m doing I may wear a pair of cotton leggings (VT does a good one here) under my pants, tucking my singlet or skivvy into them, and my socks over.
Over the last year thankfully I’ve made some time to sew myself some longer legged pants for my wardrobe. I like a high waist, my pant length finishing at the top of my shoe so the wind can’t get up. Without fail I'll choose merino socks and try as best I can to alternate between my shoes each day. This keeps them in good nic for longer, as they have time to air and dry out from walking around all day in rain or shine.

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HB x


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