September 2020, Mount Lofty

During the start of (many) lockdowns in Melbourne back in 2020, I found myself without any orders, and a lot more time in the studio.
I finally fixed up the pattern of an oversized shirt I'd been working on the last few years, size grading and making a couple up in a beautiful blue and white striped cotton shirting I'd had sitting waiting.

Zoe was heading to Mara's family home in Adelaide before all the borders closed and we managed to have a little tea break on the nature strip outside my place before she left. I gave her this shirt, not imagining how impactful it would be for our collaborations over the next two years.

The following images are from Zoe and Mara's first explorations with the Limit Poet Shirt.
HB x

‘I was wearing the poet shirt backwards when hiking for extra air flow. I liked the buttons down the back look on mara.’ - Zoe