Daylesford, 2018

Bonnie, Caitlin and I had a coffee together a few weeks prior to the shoot and knew we each had something to bring to the table. Caitlin with her photography and family's home in Daylesford, and Bonnie with her incredible taste for op shopping.

I was inspired by the described scenes, and created the BB Bodice, and Chore Pants for the shoot.
I remember this day to be one of the first warm days of the season. Caitlin drove us up there and we chatted excitedly about what we thought the house would be like.
I remember wearing wool suit pants, but a linen singlet, unsure whether to dress for summer or winter.

We arrived in awe of the place. Incredible lawn, plants, a tennis court, the sweetest interior of the home. Laying out all the clothing, my worn samples, the new pieces, and Bonnie's fab selection of vintage denim, we styled as we drank coffee, and ate oranges.

This photoshoot is the union of three friends, and the exploration of a beautiful place together.


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