Pocket Conversations 1.2 – Holly with Sasha, Bianca, and Ethan

HB: I have another question.

EW: Tell me it and I’ll think about it in the shower.

HB: How do you organise your wardrobe?

EW: Great question!

BP: I really need to re-organise mine. It’s been a mess since we’ve moved in which is like nearly a year ago.

EW: I feel like I’ve already talked to you about this.

HB: Yeah, it’s one of my favourite questions to ask people.

EW: You and I talked about how I culled my wardrobe.

HB: Yes!

EW: Coz it made me anxious.

HB: Yes we have… and when you moved to Melbourne you wore lots of black. Right?

EW: Yes… and then I realised that black is not actually my colour.

HB: It’s the beautiful green and autumn colours.

EW: Earth tones. Greens and caramels.

BP: That other Issey top of yours.

EW: Jewel tones. Yeah Bianca - the copper vest.

HB: That’s such a good colour.

EW: Then I realised I kind of have auburn-y hair, the longer it gets the more it is. I really wanna go to one of those colour people. But do you think it would send me on a spiral?

HB: I think you know [your colours].

BP: People do inherently know.

SA: It’s about confidence. You are right, you can tell if you like something.

BP: When you start enjoying clothes you notice yourself gravitate towards colours because they suit. I find that I don’t wear many colours.

HB: You’re quite neutral. Browns?

BP: Yeah I’m neutral but the clothes I wear are pretty set: My blues, my reds, maybe I’m straying towards some greens lately.

EW: I’ve been going on a weird pink -

HB: I love pink.

EW: Pink, purple, red thing which I never wanted to wear in my life.

HB: The red really suited you- just circling back to that jumper.

SA: I think I’ve gone the opposite way. I don’t know if it’s where I grew up, because I grew up on the coast, and everyone dresses a particular way. I went to uni when gorman was big and I remember the first day I was wearing a full on rainbow dress and our tutor was looking around the room and said ‘you’re all designers, I know you are colour-phobes blah blah blah’ and everyone but me was in monochrome and I thought "okay, I’m gonna continue to wear colour I don’t need to wear monochrome", but the last couple of years or more I’ve started buying not coloured stuff. I get sick of it if I wear it more than once.

HB: Plain colours, and not patterned?

SA: I do wear some colour. I have my red jumper, and some bright orange stuff that I quite like. I do like colour. I think it’s more the patterned thing.

BP: You also get tired of things that maintain your attention more.

SA: Yes!

BP: Prints that are a check or a stripe, you’re not paying attention to it.

SA: They’re not creating silhouette either, like blocky colours. Stripes and patterns that when you squint your eyes you can’t really see.

EW: Stripes from a distance, they look like a block colour.

SA: Yeah stripes and checks, and maybe dots even though I don’t have any dotted clothes *laughs*.

BP: You get tired when you have to maintain...

HB: When you have to think about what you wear with it as well.

SA: I like when I can pull it out and know what it’s gonna look like.

BP: It’ll look good with multiple things. Not just one outfit.

SA: It’s not drawing attention to the item either.

BP: I wear the same things week in week out.

HB: All of us with our travel wardrobes! [This guy once] was like ‘what’s your earth uniform?’ and I said probably what I’ve got on. Such a good phrase. And then…. What would mine be now?

SA: Cross Back Skirt?

BP: Brown and white striped Poet? That looks so cool on you and on Ethan as well.

HB: Thanks!

BP: It looks really effortless.

HB: Everything needs to be crumpled and thrown on…

BP: It’s big and has enough movement in the hem because you’ve got the split kind of situation, that you can tuck it in.

HB: Yeah. This time last year, I wore it straight for a week it was black Harvey’s, my Post Sole sandals, and I had a singlet underneath and just a Kowtow jumper, and I feel like when I wear those shapes like a boxy jumper, a baggy pant and a pair of sandals.

BP: Yeah, I feel very comfy in a boxy top and straight pant.

EW: *Laughs to himself about his sunburn* 

***Chat about what Pantone colour it matches best***

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