Pocket Conversations 1.1 – Holly with Sasha, Bianca, and Ethan

In February Holly, Sasha, Bianca, and Ethan spent a few weeks together in Tasmania, exploring the streets of Hobart, on car rides towards mountains, and within secluded cabins along the East coast.

These close quarters felt like the perfect environment to dive into the first Pocket Conversation - a new series that leans into those put-down pick-up conversations, open ended questions and buzzy rambles.

Accompanied with images by Sasha from the trip. 

Earth Discussions

HB: I know you don’t like hypotheticals but out of your wardrobe, your favourite outfit if you had to wear just one for the rest of your life… what would it be, Sasha?

SA: The shoes I’m still working on, but honestly my Blundstones, with a nice pair of socks maybe in cobalt or red, with comfy little boxy shorts, a tank in black and then a navy knit and my Poet Shirt.

HB: Not the Francie red one?

SA: I think for practicality purposes a fitted one with the shirt. And then a gold pendant.

HB: And then Ethan, what would your earth outfit be? 

EW: I have to own it already?

HB: Yeah, it has to exist…

EW: Probably the bottom would be my Birkenstock Bostons, a comfy pair of cotton or wool socks but like high socks and then… probably some kind of pleated pant.

HB: Would it be your green pants, and your Issey long sleeved green top?

EW: I feel like that’s the outfit that defines me the most, in the sense that that green top is something I put on and think it’s made for me. Just coz it fits me so well and the colour suits me. But if I had to wear it every single day, maybe not coz it’s not really breathable.

I’d probably wear a singlet, and then a button up shirt, over the top. Maybe a vest? The shirt would be a stripe, or maybe a pale blue. I’m just thinking the weather changes all the time, so I want layers.

HB: We love layers!

EW: Live Love Laugh Layer.

HB: **Laughs loudly**

EW: Maybe a cable knit. I don’t actually own so maybe I can’t.

HB: You can borrow. I’m adding a rule. 

EW: Crew neck wool sweater.

HB: Don’t you own a red sweater? You have a cute red jumper don’t you?

EW: I don’t know what happened to it :(

HB: It was so nice.

EW: It was really cute. I think I lost it when I moved. I don’t know where I put it. But yeah… and probably a cap for sun protection.

HB: Your Laura Galati cap you’re gonna get soon.

EW: Yeah my LG cap that I’m gonna get soon.

HB: Bianca?

BP: Is this what we'd wear? 
I feel like at the moment I can say an idea of something that I wear a lot but at the moment I don't have the perfect version of the things. 
My adidas sneakers, I'd have those... My black poplin pants, just a good comfy pair. I love my shirt I made with the stripe. Loose, simple, fabric's light. And for layers, my brown Francie jumper and – 

HB: *gasps* YOUR BONNET!

BP: My bonnet! And my brown coat, that’s like a very easy outfit that I put together a lot. I wear to work and also wear every day.

HB: Yeah, coz it’s comfy. And slick! Remember I saw you when I was on a tram, I saw you out the window. I think you were wearing your brown coat and I thought ‘great outfit’ and sometimes I write down in notes and I like to think about people’s outfits in the world just on my way. And I remember messaging you ‘oh my god I just saw the best outfit you’ll love’ and then realised it was you!

BP: I reckon it was my coat. I remember feeling good about my outfit, it was probably some version of that outfit and I had a little striped Pan After bag…

HB: Yes!

*** We get distracted by the cabinetry and bench tops in the Air-bnb, showers and Ethan’s sunburn***

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