Richmond, 2017

Reflecting on my first collaborative project with Alice Rooney, 'Team Gary'.
We spent the summer of 2016/ 2017 planning a five piece collection, based on simple shapes, made in natural fair trade linen, two colours and four sizing variations.

I designed the basic styles, and pattern made, sampled, size graded and sewed them and Alice designed and screen printed the beautiful illustrations on each piece and worked her magic with our website and social media.  
Through Alice, I learnt the importance and beauty of collaborating with friends. We borrowed ceramics from Daisy Cooper, jewellery from Little Hangings and had our friends over in their beautiful home. We gathered flowers the night before and sat by the table arranging them.
Worn by Alice Ramsden, and imagery by Caity Jakeman.
These were candid shots between the digital images taken for the website. Caity has a gift for capturing honesty.
Adaptions of Gary can be found within HB Archive including Batwing Top and Buffet Pant.

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