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Vestoj Magazine

Vestoj Magazine

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Vestoj is a French publication questioning 'Why we wear what we wear'.

Founded in 2009, Vestoj examines people’s relationship to their clothes and fashion’s relationship to identity... Vestoj expresses complex ideas in a straight-forward manner, and shows that fashion is not only about objects, but rather a mindset and approach to identity, culture and life.

Two editions available in very limited quantities:

Issue 10: On Doubt
Vestoj ‘On Doubt’ examines the crippling kind of doubt, and the kind that propels us forward and the fact that we can’t know which is which. When it comes to fashion specifically, we explore who and what we have faith in and why. What keeps us from doubting the system, and if we did, would it crumble? The issue looks at the disillusion that seems so prevalent in the industry now, and the great apprehension about how to best move forward. And, on a smaller scale – the shopping experience. Do I like it? Do I need it? Can I afford it? Is it ‘me’? 

Issue 11: On Everyday Life
Vestoj ‘On Everyday Life’ is an exploration of routines, rituals and repetitions, the many ingenious ways in which the weak make use of the strong, how ‘common people’ reappropriate and subvert material culture to suit their own interests and rules, and a lyrical and critical exploration of generic, inexpensive and mass produced objects. We are looking at the practice and poetics of the everyday, consumption as a creative act, and consumers not as passive receptacles, but rather active agents with the ability to adapt the system imposed on them in a myriad of small, personal and intuitive ways in order to navigate and enjoy life.

Text borrowed from Vestoj's website. See more here.


Earlier in the year I found an interview with an artist I like from Amsterdam. When asked what she was reading she answered 'Vestoj'. Intrigued, but unable to find a copy within Australia, I ordered multiple from across the ocean so that you could enjoy as well.I've been making a ritual of reading these with a cup of tea, or as a bed time story. Thoughtful and interesting. I hope you love it too! HB x

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