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Always Pouch
Always Pouch
Always Pouch
Always Pouch

Always Pouch

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Small lined pouch with zip closure, HB side loop and detachable metal O- ring.

This is a convenient piece and can be worn as an open air pocket, attached to belt loop, or bag strap. Handy for the constant bag swapper.

Wear with everything.

Made from fabric offcuts in Archive fabrics Japanese Cotton Drill in Black, and Organic Cotton Canvas in Natural, or LIMIT Cotton Drill in Cobalt.
Surprise cotton or linen lining.
Find more fabric information here.

The first Always Pouch was made in 2016 to keep together smaller items like lip balms, essential oils, panadol, perfume, business cards, tampons and hair ties.

Since then, the Market Bag has been adapted to include an internal loop which the Pouch will clip onto.

Still a must have in every bag of mine.

Measuring 12cm x 10cm.

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