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Patchwork Scrunchie

Patchwork Scrunchie

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The Patchwork Scrunchie is made of offcuts from previous Pre Orders with each being unique in colour, pattern, detail and shape.

'Worlds within worlds'. Endlessness and full circles. This scrunchie can act as a distraction and comfort for the eyes, mind and hands. Meditative to make and wear. Make a note at checkout if you'd like lavender oil rolled on creating a full treat for the senses.

Internal elastic is cut at 18cm to comfortably hug the wrist, and will loop once or twice around a ponytail depending on hair thickness.
Height from centre to outside measures between 5 - 7cm depending on the piece.

Current batch of 13 scrunchies includes LIMIT and Archive Seersucker in compositions of Periwinkle, Ocean, Cinnamon, Tangerine, Cream, Black and will be chosen via lucky dip surprise.

These are made up and will be sent out within 5 business days.


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